What We’re All About

This may be your first visit to The Levee Breaks, or you may be a regular wanting to know more about the authors and their views.

We hope this page will give you an Introduction to The Levee Breaks.

The Authors

Mr Levee started the blog in late 2004 as somewhere to discuss his thoughts on all sorts of topics: life, religeon, politics, music, movies. Anything and everything under the sun.

It wasn’t long before Mrs. Levee wanted in on the hot blogging action, so she joined the blog in May 2005 to talk about raising the family and becoming an eco-mum. Recently (August 2005), Mrs. Levee’s sister (Sister In’Law) has joined the writing team. She’s a Law graduate and has a keen interest in politics and government, so expect sharp writing and an abundance of conspiracy theories!

We were all born and raised in Northern Ireland and lived with ‘the troubles’ all our lives. Mr. Levee is from a seaside town up North and Mrs Levee and her sister were born and raised in West Belfast. We are all from Roman Catholic backgrounds, although none of us carry very strong beliefs these days!

The Approach

At “The Levee Breaks”, we’re tired of the old, partisan thinking. Our politicians have had over thirty years to resolve their difference, yet instead the divisions run deeper than ever. The only way that our politicians can be considered successful is that they have succeeded in keeping Northern Ireland on it’s knees, crippled by terrorism, violence and hatred.

Yes, this site talks about politics. But we look at the big picture: what’s it like to live in Northern Ireland? What are the issues that regular people face? Why does it all matter?

In these pages, you’ll find out about things that are going on in our lives, how we feel about them and how we deal with them. It’s not all guns and bullets and venom. It’s about new thinking. Regular people, regular lives.

Pull Up A Chair And Have A Cup Of Tea

It’s not all about us. That’s the beauty of a blog. You can have your say too!

If you have strong feelings about something we’ve written about, leave a comment – we’ll be delighted to hear from you!